The company's offer is directed at Polish and foreign investors, who plan their development by starting to operate in Poland, including inter alia:

- building facilities, production and warehouse halls, office spaces, technical infrastructures, storage yards or parking place,

- taking over current real estate and production resources and adjusting them to the needs of the business through restructuring, implementing innovation and improving processes and products

- market expansion – technology, course of production, machinery, marketing and distribution channels development.

The following are included in the scope of operations performed by Pro-Expo Sp. z o.o:

  • consulting and advising on the stage of preparing the investment
  • investment execution (including the practical completion inspection and the occupancy permit)
  • construction advising and consulting
  • acquiring funds from the European Union
  • company advising restructuring

Depending on individual arrangements we conduct the investor's supervision, investor's representation or we manage the investments in terms of a Contract Engineer.

We work to:

  • lower the investment costs by using optimal project, construction and financial solutions,
  • save time by executing the following stages of the investment in multidimensional terms in accordance with the agreed investment execution schedule,
  • minimize the investment risk through appropriate planning, properly prepared construction contracts and choosing high quality contractors for particular stages of the investment process,
  • acquire additional funds for financing the projects, both from EU funds and organizations supporting investments,
  • create the estate and raise the prestige, market position and investor's satisfaction

The following work in our favor:

  • more than 20 years of experience in the construction and investment industries gained by participating in Polish and foreign projects,
  • an understanding of procedures, requirements, and standards necessary for minimizing investment risk and lowering investment costs,
  • a comprehensive approach to the investment process, analysis of of the investor's need reaching outside the construction process – business development through, restructuring, innovations, perfecting processes, external financing and EU grants.
  • working with high class specialists, engineers and verified real estate business entities, including investor-friendly and supporting financial organizations,
  • a professional approach and engagement in the project.
We work with: Notus Biuro Nieruchomości EKO Bydgoszcz
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